While we hope everyone else has recovered from their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, we at Red Hen are still taking it a little easy. That’s because we had one heck of a day on Saturday and, yes, for all you purists we know that it wasn’t actually St. Pats quite yet. For those of you who don’t know, it is tax season. With only a month to go before the big deadline, Red Hen needed a day to blow off a little steam before our big push.

So, our Activities Coordinator Randy had us all out at the Cottleville festivities. He even talked two 15 year-olds into running a 7k early on a Saturday morning.

Nick, Abe and Randy. Cottleville- 7am and 30 degrees.

Nick, Abe and Randy. Cottleville- 7am and 30 degrees.

Because teenagers love getting up early and participating in athletic events on a weekend morning. Let this be a warning to you, Randy can be incredibly persuasive.

The hens were not so easily swayed, so Randy ingeniously masterminded a drive to have us all wearing “Cluck of the Irish” shirts emblazoned with the Red Hen logo. We admit it, we really enjoy puns so we went along with it. We’re thinking of selling them next year, reserve yours now!

Other than the boys, the only member of the Red Hen clan that actually ran the Run for the Helmet 7k was Patty, Randy’s lovely wife. We of course, were tireless cheerleaders. However, Patty’s brisk start to the morning enabled her to successfully wheedle her way out of our next endeavor of the day: having ridiculous and slightly immature fun.

Mary and Bella. Photobomb courtesy of Patty.

Mary and Bella. Photobomb courtesy of Patty.

Of course, we weren’t the only ones…

Randy, Mary, Terri and Bella (front).

Randy, Mary, Terri and Bella (front). Who knew there were Irish tigers?

The face painters got a real kick out of us. Bella, as the only minor involved- her brothers having gone off to have teenaged fun- delighted them by asking to be a leprechaun. When asked if she wanted a beard, Bella replied:

“What kind of leprechaun doesn’t have a beard?”

Once she’d seen the finished product, Bella then asked Mary:

“How big do you think they would make a hat on Randy?”

Randy, of course, took one look at Bella (who was stroking her beard in a thoughtful manner) and signed on. The two were an instant hit.

Bella and Randy- Leprechauns at Large.

Bella and Randy- Leprechauns at Large.

All in all, the Hens had a great time out in Cottleville. There were a lot more pictures, but we only picked the very best to share.

Nobody has office parties quite like Red Hen!