Have you been keeping your own books for your business because you don’t know how, or why, to hire a bookkeeper to help?  A common issue among small business owners is that they try too hard to do everything themselves.  The majority of small business owners don’t start a business so they can learn to be perfect bookkeepers, front desk managers, or HR personnel.  They start their business to pursue their passion or their craft.  It’s important to remember that hiring help when you need it will grow your business, not set you back!

If you’re wasting hours a day trying to keep your books, or are stashing boxes of receipts in the closet so you can deal with them later–stop that right now!  It’s time to hire a professional bookkeeper.  A bookkeeper is a part of the accounting process and is generally responsible for recording all financial transactions of the business.  An experienced bookkeeper can help your business run smoothly by making sure all transactions are input properly, classified, and tracked.  A professional bookkeeper can manage a set of books with precision and efficiency, and likely much speedier than you’re currently able to.

When your books are in order your risk of dealing with fees and penalties is lowered, and a proper set of books can also save you time and money on your taxes.  Skilled bookkeeping doesn’t just deal with the past transactions either, it can be an excellent tool for preparing a budget and determining an appropriate growth curve for your business.  Keeping a clean, up to date, and correct set of books is crucial to a successful business.

The decision to outsource the bookkeeping function is based on a variety of factors.  It will depend on the amount of time required to work with your books (remember, an experienced bookkeeper will be speedier) and if that’s the only task you need handled.  If you’re looking for someone to keep your books and also manage your front desk, hiring someone in-house may be more appropriate.  If you need someone for a few hours a week to work on your books, provide financial statements, and help with budgeting outsourcing may be the perfect fit.

Call us today to find out more information about how we can help you with your books and to determine if hiring a bookkeeper is the right step for your business!