This January a new Hen has joined our Henpire!  Finding a new Hen is a rigorous effort and we only hire the most intelligent and dynamic people to fit our, and our clients’, needs.  We also have to like having them as guests at our parties. So, congratulations to Jenny who made it through many grueling hours of interviews from our HR managers, and I’m sure too many rounds of Hen puns. She’s the cream of the coop!

Jenny comes from a retail management background, and has many years of experience in store growth, inventory, budgets, staff development–the list goes on!  We are so excited to welcome her to our team as we’re sure we will be learning a lot from her.  Jenny will primarily be working with one of our favorite clients, St. Louis Skin Solutions, as their office manager.  But she will also be around to assist our other Hens and clients when possible.