Red Hen has a lot of new and exciting things going on this year.  We’ve welcomed several new clients and one very special new Hen.  We’re also all settled into our new office space in old Webster, decorations and all (Our Head Hen has a serious obsession with clocks. Go ahead, ask her what time it is!). Life is pretty good for us Hens.  As we get started this year (and it was a slow start thanks to all that snow!) we’ve got a few new services and opportunities to offer to our clients.

We’re offering individual and small business tax prep and filing in additional myriad of other services.  We work with small businesses on the regular, so let us help you get your books in order and get your tax paperwork organized!  Whether you need to file personal or small business returns, we’re here to help.

We just finished a major re-branding effort for Thinnergy Medical Weight Loss, we’re building a new website for St. Louis Skin Solutionswe’ve helped Circa Properties hire a new right-hand girl, we’re building a new QuickBooks file for Crafty Paradise, and we’re developing new projects across our spectrum of services for exciting new clients.  We’ve helped clients save money, expand their enterprises, dive into new opportunities, and wrap up business ventures.  

Red Hen is ready for another adventure-filled year handling your books, marketing, management, and employees!  Give us a call if you’d like to start off the year on the right foot.