As a small business owner in St. Louis,  you probably already know how much of your personal resources go to manage the daily administrative needs of your company. Instead, you need the freedom to address the challenges of acquiring customers and growing your business. We know that it can be overwhelming. Red Hen Services is here to help! We are able to take an objective view of your company, provide advice to guide productive change, and act as a supportive partner.

You might not have the time to keep up to date with all the laws and changes to accounting procedures and HR policies- We do. At Red Hen, we understand the unique challenges that small business owners face, from managing day-to-day operations to sales, marketing and beyond. We help local owners like you with advice, expertise, and support based on real-world experience.

In addition, our relationships with other small business oriented professionals are at your disposal. If there’s an insurance issue to be addressed, a project requiring graphic design input, a need for input of a CPA, or a law or banking question, we know the right people to ask. We can serve as a bridge between your company and the expert help you need.