Job hunting can be an arduous task. Often the job seeker (you) is so eager to have a job, any job, that you will look past some big red flags. Corporate culture is a HUGE part of your everyday. Shouldn’t you love, or at least like, your job and your company? Knowing what the expectations are is key to knowing if a company is a good fit for you. Learning about the culture of the company where you are seeking a job should be near the top of your to do list.

Here at Red Hen we have our own unique corporate culture; we are a great group of super smart folks who are really great at our jobs even though we may not wear shoes in the office. Sometimes we work in an unconventional manner (or place); we work until the job is finished; we collaborate; we eat tacos. Some people wouldn’t work well in the Henpire, yet each “Hen” chose to be here because of the culture.

My point? Learn about the companies you are looking at. Forbes has a great article about just this; take a glance here: “Ten Unmistakable Signs of a Bad Place to Work“.