Red Hen’s behind the scenes support allows business owners to focus on what they do best.


Resource management is an essential task that can consume a business owner’s productivity. We save effort and money by addressing the hidden and time-consuming details of operating a successful enterprise.

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Graphic Design

Red Hen can develop a compelling visual identity for your business by refining your existing brand or creating an new one. We provide the printed and digital materials needed to communicate with your audience.

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Graphic Design

Red Hen Business Services is a deliberately, joyfully unconventional firm with the mission of supplying concierge support systems to small business owners. We are passionate about protecting our clients’ interests with creativity and verve while sustaining and empowering our employees.

As a small business owner you may assume that professional consulting is a luxury only large companies can afford. Don’t be so sure! Red Hen offers consulting services that can fit your budget and often pay for themselves through increased sales and efficiency.

Whether you need help clarifying your company’s finance records or refining your brand, we can help. No matter what your current situation is, Red Hen works hand in hand with you to make sure that your business thrives and operates efficiently and effectively. Your goals are our goals and we are committed to helping you meet them.

Cora and Red Hen Services are nothing short of absolutely amazing! They are so professional, very knowledgeable and fast! Cora puts all your small business book keeping/ payroll etc  worries to rest. I highly recommend Red Hen Services a thousand times over.

Mary Ellen - Owner

Central Studio

Red hen took our business QuickBooks files from unorganized to beautiful. Cora is friendly, patient, kind, and really loves helping her clients get their books in order. Give her a call today.

Anne Valenza

Smiles and sighs of relief – use that as your testimonial!  LOL


Susan S.

Cognitive Bias and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs have chosen to function daily in conditions that would make less risk-tolerant humans queasy. There’s a lot of rewiring that goes into successful entrepreneurship, but our brains are tricksy and spend a lot of time looking for patterns and then feeding...

It’s Never Impossible To Fire People

We have had lots of clients who wrestle with recurring internal issues that result in errors, expenses, and inefficiencies. Often, these problems can be tracked back to specific employees. At the point where we’re brought in as a consultant to help resolve the end...

If You Build It, They Won’t Necessarily Come

No matter how small your business is you should have a website. Even a static “business card online” site lends you credibility, increases your brand presence, helps capture traffic via Google, provides contact information to clients and leads, and gives you a jumping...

The Question At Hand

I got a call today from a prospective client. This is an interaction we have pretty regularly and, while I'm always thrilled to hear from a soon-to-be friend and client, I generally know what to expect and what questions to ask. As I was going through the list of the...

Corporate Culture; It is Important!

Job hunting can be an arduous task. Often the job seeker (you) is so eager to have a job, any job, that you will look past some big red flags. Corporate culture is a HUGE part of your everyday. Shouldn't you love, or at least like, your job and your company? Knowing...

How Typography Can Save Your Life

Lena Groeger over at ProPublica has written a fantastic and in-depth article about typography; one of my greatest pleasures! Specifically, the article details why many organizations are moving away from using ALL CAPS and, more importantly, why it is an idea whose...

Hatchling – A New Path Forward

We love helping our clients; maybe a little too much. Our Hatchling program was conceived as way to help a small business, our preferred clientele, through its growing pains and to showcase what Red Hen can do. During the selection process, we really wanted to find a...

Hatchling at the Parade!

Red Hen hit the ground running with our 2016 Hatchling winner, Champü Salon in Cottleville, MO! After meeting with Andrea, Champü's owner, and stylist extraordinaire, we decided to help maximize the use of their location on Main Street in Cottleville. The 2016 St....

How To Ask For What You Need

  Recently, I received the following email: To Whom It May Concern: I saw your company featured in the _____ email, and I have a few marketing friends that are looking for a new opportunity. But I suppose you guys are keeping it a small startup for now? Thanks,...

Hatchling deadline extended!!!

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, WE HAVE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE TO ENTER! We’re in the business of supporting small business.  This year, we would like to use our powers for good and give back to the small business community we call home. The lucky 2016 Hatchling will have...