Great Local Business Opportunity

Hanley Soap

The owners of Hanley Fold Farm, a longtime client of ours, have decided to move in a new direction.  As a result, this wonderful turnkey operation is available for sale!  With solid financials and tremendous growth potential this is an excellent opportunity to buy a small, local business and participate in our thriving farmers market […]

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Spring Cleaning!

Flowering Tree

Small Business Week is over, and with it goes the attention paid to startups and small entrepreneurs. The recognition is nice, but you work every day to keep your small business alive and well. Your effort should be supported all year long. In that spirit, it’s a great time to think about your branding practices. […]

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Happy New Year! Time to get to work.

hen_sunrise (1)

We’ve all said and been wished ‘Happy New Year!’ dozens of times in the past few days, and it can feel a little formulaic. Here at the Henpire, we’d like to take a moment to thoughtfully consider what today means for small businesses owners. While it is, in some ways, just another Thursday, there is […]

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April 15th is Almost Here!

As the looming tax deadline nears, are you starting to panic a little? Don’t panic, Red Hen can help. First, take a deep breath. Second, evaluate where you are by answering these questions: Are you preparing your personal or business taxes yourself? Does the thought of preparing your own taxes make you anxious? Do you […]

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Recap: St. Patrick’s Day- Red Hen Style

While we hope everyone else has recovered from their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, we at Red Hen are still taking it a little easy. That’s because we had one heck of a day on Saturday and, yes, for all you purists we know that it wasn’t actually St. Pats quite yet. For those of you […]

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Why You Need a Bookkeeper and Whether You Should Hire In-House or Outsource

Have you been keeping your own books for your business because you don’t know how, or why, to hire a bookkeeper to help?  A common issue among small business owners is that they try too hard to do everything themselves.  The majority of small business owners don’t start a business so they can learn to […]

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Happy Birthday Red Hen!

While it’s a little self-congratulatory, we’re just so happy today that we couldn’t help it. Red Hen is proud to have spent the last 4 years: helping local businesses, small and micro alike, grow and succeed; encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit wherever possible; growing our own local business; filling out an estimated 74,000,000 forms, filings, and […]

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